How to Fix Error Code 0x8007007e in Windows 10

The article will help you learn about how to fix error code 0x8007007e in Windows 10

Fix Error Code 0x8007007e – Windows 10

Basically there are two reasons for occurrence of the error code 0x8007007e which doesn’t allow you to carry out the update/installation process completely. It is a common error that occurs in Windows and there is not just any single software/component responsible for this error.

The reasons vary for resulting in error code 0x8007007e  and this article is will list out the possible fixes to manually fix this error code  without hiring any IT expert.

The first thing that you need to perform without fail is to backup all your important data before you perform the process manually to fix this error code 0x8007007e.

Should disable your Antivirus

You can disable antivirus installed on your system along with other 3rd party software/products.

It can be one of the reasons that make Windows not access files utilized by 3rd party software. So, just disable them. Now restart installation process and check whether the error code 0x8007007e is resolved.

Perform complete virus scan

It is recommended that you carry out a complete virus scan for the system which will automatically detect the infected programs and fix them or suggest a solution to resolve the issue.

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So, it is better to scan your system regularly and keep it updated in order to prevent the Windows from coming up with the error code 0x8007007e is fixed or not. After the scan, carry out the installation again to check if the error code is resolved.

Update Drivers

Go to the tab– Device Manager

Look for device/drivers from search bar, Here the first option you see is device manager

Click it and you will get the list of all device drivers. Verify the drivers installed and start the update.

In case attention is required for a specific driver, the error sign will be flashed and offer the solution to fix the error. After the drivers are updated it will also resolve the error code. 0x8007007e. Just check the installation process once again to know if error code 0x8007007e is fixed.

Reset & restore:

In case none of the above options work, reset & restore your PC to bring back to default settings.

Go to – Windows settings– update and security—recover—reset this PC.

Follow the instruction given below carefully and the data should be saved.

After completing the steps given above and update windows post reset & restore and complete installation and then check if the error code 0x8007007e is resolved.


In case the fixes above do not work, then just go to troubleshooter. You can search for troubleshooter in search box and just go to windows settings– windows update and security —troubleshoot—windows update.

Click the icon and follow the steps in order to troubleshoot Windows update. Click on the given icon and follow the steps to troubleshoot the windows update, this will identify the issues and fix the issues.

Once troubleshooting the Windows, simply check the installation process once again and check if the error is fixed.

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