ctfmon.exe- What is it? Is it Safe? How to fix ctfmon.exe error

The ctfmon is a process utilized by Microsoft Office to enable – Alternative User Input Text Input Processor & Microsoft Language Bar. Basically, it silently runs at the background and doesn’t intervene with the front end tasks on your system.

This process gets activated while you start using the feature recommended on Microsoft Office. Sometimes, it doesn’t stop on its own even after you close all the Microsoft Office applications and sometimes it just activates during the start up.

Is ctfmon.exe safe or it is a virus?

Cftmon.exe is a safe file required by Microsoft Office. On the other hand many users say that there is a virus that comes with this file. The original file is stored in – C:\Windows\System32. In case a file with same name is identified outside the folder, then it can be a malware of a virus.

In order to determine whether the file is genuine or contains a virus, just right click on that process listed in Task Manager and then choose -Open location.

In case the location is – original – System32 folder, then the file is completely safe and genuine. In case it is not, then make sure you start full system scan through anti-virus immediately.

Advanced text services in Windows XP should be turned OFF

Windows XP comprises of a setting –Turn off advanced text services which helps you turn OFF ctfmon.exe easily. Well, many recently available Windows platforms do not come with this feature. The simple steps given below makes it easy for XP users to configure -advanced text services

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Open – Control Panel in Windows XP

Click on – Regional and Language Options in order to expand the window  -Regional and Language Options

Choose the Languages tab that is shown on window.

Next, press the button –Details to expand -Text Services window.

Click – Advanced tab, select the option-Turn off advanced text services. It will turn off ctfmon process.

ctfmon.exe – remove from Windows Startup

You may observe ctfmon in the list of startup items. In such a case the process starts with Windows. Here is how ctfmon can be removed from OS startup.

Open  – Task Manager (to do so right-click taskbar and select- Task Manager)

Click the tab – Start-up to view the start up software list

When the Start-up tab has ctfmon in the list, just select it and press the button – Disable

In old Windows platforms, it can be opened via Startup tab in MSConfig. Press – Win key + R hotkey, next, in the Run text box, enter – ‘msconfig’

Press the button – OK and then click on Startup tab present on -System Configuration Window.

Remove ctfmon with CTFMON-Remover

After saving Zip to any folder, open – File Explorer.

Open – compressed folder of CTFMON-Remover’s, press- Extract all button.

Press –Extract button so that the folder is extracted.

To open the software – click CtfmonRemover

Press the button — Deactivate CTFMON-Remover to end the ctfmon process.

If required press  Restore CTFMON.EXE  so that you can restart ctfmon.exe

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