lsass.exe- What is it? Is it Safe? How to fix lsass.exe error?

Microsoft Windows comes with lsass.exe which safeguards security policy of your system.

What exactly is lsass.exe?

The lsass.exe is an important file because it is must for verification process when the user tries to log in with his/her password and it also manages the tokens required to activate or restrict the user from accessing some files/locations on the system. This process is required for writing – Windows Security Log.

If you try to end running this file, you need to reboot the system to bring it back to its regular function.

Is lsass.exe a safe file?

In most cases the file is 100% safe. Sometimes, the file is corrupted and some hidden malicious files begin to represent the secure system files. When this happens, it becomes difficult to identify it and erase it. However, if your system has the right system scan, then the error will be identified easily and deleted safely.

Methods to remove lsass.exe error

After you notice the error- lsass.exe, simply check in case they are any new hardware/software installed on the system. If you find one, then delete the new software/hardware which will let you resolve the error. In case if still the issue persist, then carry out the simple steps below

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Scan new equipment to check driver updates

If there are some new devices or programs being installed on the system, all of them require updated drivers. Thus, download safe and new drivers and after that restart the system.

Necessary Updates – Download and install for your OS

Irrespective of what OS and its version you are using do not forget to install new security updates and make this a practice.

Anti-malware plus anti-virus applications are important

You have anti-virus app already installed on your system to safeguard your system from virus attacks, but it is recommended that you also use malware scanner to protect your computer from malware threats.

If you do not find the above solutions to be effective, then there are chances that the error happens because of outdated software/ hardware.

Remember, not to remove this file from the system as this is very important file for the system for different reasons. In case the file is corrupted, your antivirus program can easily find it and remove it. Do not play with the file and let the antivirus sort out the issues.

Is it safe to remove lsass.exe through Task Manager processes?

Well, the answer would be – No.

The lsass.exe file is important for the system process which cannot be deleted via Task Manager without creating any issues with Windows. While trying to end task lsass.exe, you will get – Unable to Terminate Process window with the error mentioned below

“This is a critical system process. Task Manager cannot end this process.”

It is quite common to get this error

Make sure you do not try to delete this important file from your system to aid smooth functioning of your system. The file is important for many reasons.

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