Fix Connections to Bluetooth Audio Devices and Wireless Displays

Learn How to Fix connections to bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays in windows 10 using step by step tutorial with pictures.

Fix connections to Bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays in windows 10

Windows is the mostly used operating system all over the world and Microsoft has been launched a fully packed updated windows 10 with many updates and new features. Here we will be discussing the different ways to fix Bluetooth and wireless devices connection issues. Introducing windows 10 with new features sometimes stuck in making wireless connections and there can be any of the listed causes which  can be easily accessible and fixed with the given solutions.

Here the listing of causes is generally discussed as the standard issues which will eventually help you to solve your issue and get a quick solution for a known query as well. These features of providing help in windows  10 is the best feature as sometimes it clocks around and create some hung up activities which can be easily fixed as these issues will help you to know more features of windows and explore more about it.

How to Fix Bluetooth Audio Devices?

Initially you have to find your way to the Show connected devices:

Bluetooth devices

Here in the task window you can easily view Bluetooth devices as this will only be active when your Bluetooth connection is on. By clicking here you can simply redirected to view the connected and earlier paired devices.

If you are unaware of this icon then you should simply search Bluetooth In Search menu:

Search bluetooth

From here also you will be redirected to the Device manager> Bluetooth setting page where you can access all the manual settings. And you can also access all information which is being updated as here it can be checked that it is among the paired devices or not, if not then it should be recognized first and then paired.

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View Bluetooth Device Settings:

 Bluetooth menu 

Here you will be able to View all the Bluetooth and other audio devices connected earlier as there were the paired devices which were used earlier and if your device is in the earlier paired and then unable to connect then follow the next step or else first add your Bluetooth audio device or Bluetooth device  and pair them.

If your Bluetooth Device doesn’t get paired:

If your Bluetooth devices doesn’t get paired then you must check the connections in more settings tab.

Pairing issue

More Bluetooth options as here in above image you have to check the box as in image it is displayed in the image Allow Bluetooth Devices to find this PC. This will enable your pc to be recognized by the device and make it compatible to pair if giving any issue.

Cause: Your Paired device doesn’t get connect again.

pairing issue

If you are unable to connect your paired device then try removing it and then follow the same procedure again as it may lost the frequency connection strength of that device and not being able to connect it again so its better to remove it and start of the same process again and let your issue get solved.

Method: If still facing an unknown issue:

If you are still facing any issue in connecting the devices then there may be an error because of  device drivers .

device driver

By searching device driver in the search menu, it will redirect you to the device drivers page In the settings menu. It will redirect you to below image.

update driver

Just update the driver and you can also do more steps but use of this will enable working of Bluetooth devices and audio connections as well. These are the stated methods which will make your devices work properly or else there may be a last option if you still face any issue then you may reboot both devices and make them install again as software building again will improve some functionality as well but it will be a loss if you reboot the devices, so choose wisely and make an easy use of new features.

How to Fix Wireless Displays?

Wireless displays are the projectors which is generally used and can be connected to your pc via establishing a connection , these issues are termed to be In Miracast devices where these device will be connected only when if there is established wifi.


Check whether the wifi connection is established or not.

If it is connected then you will be able to cast the devices and connect more devices with the help of Bluetooth and wifi. There is also an issue, as in some systems devices are need to be connect via HDMI port and these system needs an Maracast adapter as well.


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